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The minimum wage has gained momentum among policymakers as a way to alleviate rising wage and income inequality. Much of the debate over this policy centers on ... For newer research on the impacts of increasing the federal minimum wage to .10, see Raising the Federal Minimum Wage to .10 Would Lift Wages for Millions and ... Minimum Wages and Employment: A Review of Evidence from the New Minimum Wage Research David Neumark and William Wascher NBER Working Paper No. 12663 CEPR Why Does the Minimum Wage Have No Discernible Effect on Employment? i About the Authors John Schmitt is a Senior Economist at the Center for Economic and Policy ... While the idea of raising the minimum wage is broadly popular, efforts to do so at the national level have stalled. We gathered key facts looking at the issue. The data below can be saved or copied directly into Excel. Raising the federal minimum wage to by 2020 would lift pay for tens of millions of American workers. As ... In 2016, California became the first state to adopt legislation that will gradually raise the minimum wage to per hour. New York City, Seattle, and Washington D.C ... Perhaps surprisingly, not very many people earn minimum wage, and they make up a smaller share of the workforce than they used to. A minimum wage is the lowest remuneration that employers must legally pay their workers. Equivalently, it is the price floor below which workers may not sell their labor. Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania David Card, Alan B. Krueger. NBER Working Paper No. 4509

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